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Order your trial &  Travel kits.

Order your trial &  Travel kits.


Mission statement

At Damife Naturals, we are committed to harnessing Nigeria’s abundant and diverse natural
resources to foster a harmonious synergy between beauty,sustainability, and nature.

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide a genuine range of natural cosmetics that celebrate and honor the
bountiful gifts that our country bestows upon us. While putting our emphasis on environmental
responsibility and community well-being, we are committed to promoting the beauty of Nigeria,
both within and beyond.

vision statement

At Damife naturals our vision extends well beyond cosmetics, we picture a reformed Nigeria
where our natural resources are held in high regard, cherished and shared with the world in a
sustainable and ethical manner. Our journey is a progression of empowerment, enrichment and
celebration of the natural beauty that lies within and around us.

OUR BRAND ETHOS & CORE VALUES Driven by The belief of sustainability, originality , and innovation we embark on a vision that seeks:

  • Encouraging Confidence:

    At Damife Naturals, we believe that true beauty comes from self-confidence, our cosmetics goes beyond just skin deep, they act as a motivation for self expression, self love and empowerment. Through our beauty products, we inspire our customers to embrace their uniqueness.

  • Transparency and integrity :

    We take pride in our commitment to being transparent. Our clients have the right to know exactly what they are putting on their skin by providing clear, honest information about our ingredients, sourcings practices and methods

  • Champion Local Riches:

    We are very concerned and passionate about sourcing at least 80% of our raw materials within Nigeria. By collaborating with local farmers for sustainable supplies and traceability,

  • Cultural authenticity:

    We uphold and respect indigenous traditions embedded in our country, we support local neighborhoods, and create products that resonate with the values of our land. Our products tell a story of nature's beauty that is connected to our identity.

  • Elevate Sustainability :

    We are steadfast in our commitment to sustainability by minimizing our ecological footprint through innovative processes. Every decision we make as a brand is influenced by our responsibility towards the earth, from ethical sourcing to eco-friendly packaging.

  • Women Empowerment:

    We are dedicated to improving the communities that support our works. We seek to enhance the world by developing fair trading standards and actively participating in women community development initiatives.

  • Catalyze Change :

    We aspire to catalyze a shift towards a more conscientious and responsible approach of beauty by establishing new standards for the cosmetics sector. We want to inspire other players in the industry to join us on our path to a better, eco-friendly future.

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